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We all are fond of watching our favorite shows in television but there will be cases where we miss watching them due to daily scheduled activities. Though we have YouTube for watching some part of the series we don’t get to watch all of them in it. This is because YouTube or any other such apps are not authorized show full episodes of such shows.

For watching all our favorite shows (in channels including MTV, Colors and many more) streaming online we have this amazing app called Voot. Now without delay let us have a quick look on how to watch TV shows streaming online in:

Voot App Downlod – Watch Movies & TV Shows Online


  • Your Phone (IOS, android)
  • Your PC (windows OS, MAC OS)

Downloading Voot app for Android phone:

Here we go without any dragging with quick steps

Step 1: Check out this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tv.v18.viola&hl=en and click on the ‘install’ button. Instead you can even download apk files in the link: https://vootapp.co.in which will also lead you to downloading voot apps.

Step 2: Once the app is installed to your phone you are good to go, the steps on how to use the voot app are exactly mentioned in the end of the article.

Downloading Voot app for IOS phone:

This is another simplest way let us have a look at steps

Step 1: Go to the link: https://vootapp.in/ and click on download.

Step 2: To see how to use voot app in your iPhone exactly see for it in the bottom of the article.

Downloading Voot app for Windows PC :

Below is the detailed description on how we can have Voot application installed in your PC / desktop so that you can leisurely watch your favorite shows in your desktop/ PC. For a PC / desktop having Windows Os installed in it have a look at below steps:

Step 1: Initially you need to download the blustacks emulator using the link http://www.bluestacks.com/ . An emulator will make it possible for you to download a common platform in your PC / Desktop so that you can download all android compatible apps in your PC only. Install it from the link and get Bluestacks launched in your PC.

Step 2: In the app search button search for Voot app and click on install button. Automatically you can have Voot application installed in your Pc now and you can enjoy all your favorite shows. Scroll down and have a look at last point to know how to use voot app to enjoy live streaming TV shows.

Downloading Voot app for MAC Os PC :

Same as above for MAC Os Pc you will be needing an andyroid emulator. This will also act as a common platform that acts as a bridge for you to connect to all android apps from your MAC os PC.

Step 1: To download this emulator just use the link: http://andyroid.net/ and click on download. Launch the emulator in your PC.

Step 2: Go to app search option and select ‘Voot’ application and click on install. You can now enjoy watching your favorite shows. Scroll below to see how to actually use voot app to watch live streaming TV.

How to view online streaming TV shows in VOOT Application:

From any of the above mentioned ways you successfully download Voot app in your Phone or PC / desktop. Go directly to the app which will look like below screenshot.

We can search for our favorite shows in search bar and watch them livestreaming any time.

The menu bar will give us wide range of options like:

Voot Kids
Join Voot
Sign in

By this you can see that we are having wide range of options and shows for searching and watching using voot app. We hope our page helped you in all ways to download voot app hassle free and enjoy watching J . For any feedback or queries please comment in comment box we will be happy to help you.

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