SHAREit for PC to Share Any Document on Your Windows 8.1/7/10!!

SHAREit for PC is the best file sharing application. SHAREit App is that it is very easy to use. SHAREit app is available for all Windows versions which include Windows PC/Phone, Android, Apple PC/Phone. SHAREit app for PC is the world’s fastest way to share photos, apps, videos, Music, files, documents, and more between all of your devices. Share it is the best app for your file sharing needs. If you want to get SHAREit for PC download which is also available for iPhone and Android devices but using it on Computers like Windows 7, Windows 8 or even Mac. This SHAREit App is an amazing application which gives a beautiful experience because there is no need to use USB cables and Bluetooth these are unwanted long wires to transfer files from Phone or tablet to your PC or your PC to your phone or tablet. This SHAREit application for PC is very easy and fast sharing. And essentially Wifi connection was not required for the media files sharing between the device in SHAREit app for PC.

Nowadays all are this SHAREit application for PC because it is the one wants to reduce the time period for sharing all type of devices like audio, videos, pictures so no need to waste time for sharing the media files with any type of other files. In those days SHAREit app for PC that includes, USB wire connection is the only one way to transfer files later some advanced technology developed that is Bluetooth device. This Bluetooth device is used without USB connection leads to wireless file to transfer technology. But this device Bluetooth also takes a lot of time to transfer files from one Bluetooth enable the device to another Bluetooth-enable device. For sharing the files for this Time technology is developed to reduce the time period. To reduce the time there are many smartphones app they are available for free in play store for sharing the files. you will find one of the best App to share files for both computers/laptop and smartphones is SHAREit app. It takes very less time to share files. Because of it is extreme features SHAREit becomes so popular, and now it is also available officially for PC. The SHAREit app for PC getting through the Bluestacks software. After installing Bluestacks Software, you can follow these below steps to download SHAREit app for Pc.

SHAREit for pc download

After Bluestacks download and installed on your PC simply follow the below procedure to

Steps Download SHAREit for PC:

  • Open Bluestacks icon.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • Type the SHAREit app, you will find Search play for SHAREit now click on it.
  • or you will be redirected to Google play store and Click on the SHAREit App icon.
  • Click on the Install option to download and Install SHAREit app on PC.
  • Accept the Terms and privacy conditions.
  • Then it takes few seconds this SHAREit App for PC installation is completed on your Windows 7/8/8.1 versions.
  • And Go to Bluestacks home page and click on All apps.
  • With this information, you complete the downloading and installation process of SHAREit for PC. Now we can explain, you how to use this SHAREit app. the share it app for PC Successfully installed on your PC/Laptop.

How to Use SHAREit App For PC?

  • Open the SHAREit application on PC, If you want to send the files then click on sender button or if you want to Receive the files then click on Receiver button.
  • Make sure that you have other devices also, so you know the device name to share the information through SHAREit app.
  • You want to share with the other devices on to Send button by Drag those files.
  • Now you select your files like photos, Apps, videos, and documents then click on Next button.
  • On the other device you need to select the Receiver button then those files are Recieve the files from Sender.
  • The sending device then Search for the nearest device to send the files.
  • Select your neighbor’s device name and that device person Needs to select Accept button to get them to his device.

Features of SHAREit App for PC:

  • SHAREit app provides easy to transfer files without any Wi-fi network.
  • SHAREit for PC app windows operating system is capable of finding other devices to share all type of files.
  • No external Internal Connection Data Plan Required.
  • Super Fast Data Transfer to know that SHAREit for PC transfer files like Videos, Music, Images, etc. at fast speed.
  • SHAREit app can share the files on different Platforms.
  • Clone it is Copy all the settings from one phone to other devices such as contacts, messages, and other settings are very easy to change.
  • In SHAREit App, you can easily back up all your images without any issues and keep safe so that if you can lose, these images unfortunately by clicking the delete button then you can recover it instantly.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this SHAREit for PC App available on Windows as well as Mac and kept visiting our website for any issues. If you have any comments about SHAREit for PC, Please comment below.

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