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Forget using the Instagram photo effects, forget Photoshop, now it’s time for Prisma app. Yes, Prisma app is the new sensation which is now trending all over the world. This is more than a regular photo editing app which you must use on your smartphone. In this guide, you are going to learn about the amazing Prisma app download procedure as well why the number of downloads of this app is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Prima app is another popular app for Android and iOS, which was launched recently. It is developed for photo filter purpose i.e for editing iOS photos. With the help of Prisma app, users can turn their original photo into a beautiful piece of artistic work. If you ever feel bored of uploading the same old design of photo to Instagram, then it’s time for you to switch to Prisma app.

As we always want to explore something new, this new thing arose excitement within us. Well, Prisma app is something new for an iOS users, and it a must have app for those people who love to edit photos and upload it in social networking website.

First of all, let’s check out what is Prisma app actually and about its features.

About Prisma App and features:

Prisma is more than a photo filtering app; it uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology which detects and analyse your images to convert them into eye-catching artworks.


It has dozens of modern art filters and a package of photo effects which makes it unique and leading photo editing app in its competition. You will also find options to share your images fast in social media accounts and showcase your creation. So, be it Instagram or Facebook or anywhere, you will be able to share unique artworks on the go.

Features of Prisma App:

  • Add photo filters on your images and transform them into eye-catching artworks.
  • Turn your pictures into beautiful real lookalike paintings.
  • Get different art styles like, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Edward Munch and much more.
  • Best app for sharing images on Instagram.
  • Different styles with the combination of Artificial Intelligence and neutral networks.
  • Absolutely free to download and use.

As you can see, there are tonnes of features which are available in this app. There are 33 filters which you can choose to add effects on your photos. For better editing control there is one slider which will help you to adjust the density of the effect. And if you are a photogenic and love to add filters in your pictures and make it look better than others than Prisma app download is a perfect option for you. Although this app is free to download and if you wish to use an ad-free version of this app, then you need to pay $5 as a one-time fee.

Now, if you are impressed with the features of this app, now you must be searching how to download this app. Below are the details on how you can download Prisma app on your smartphone.

Prisma App download and install:

Currently,  the official Prisma app download is available for all the iOS users for free. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can simply go to iTunes app market and search for the app and install easily.

In the case of Android users, currently, Prisma app is not available in Google Play store officially but in few weeks it will arrive in Android phones. There are some unofficial sources which are proving Prisma.apk file which is not official and it is recommended not to download and use.


Tutorial on how to Use Prisma App Easily:

prisma-app images

If you wish to use this photo filter app effectively, then I suggest you go through the entire below steps.

  1. First of all, you have to download the app so-called Prisma app from your app store. You can search it from your app store.
  2. After that, open the app and then take a picture of any object or living things in real-time.
  3. Once you are done taking the picture, you can select any one filter out of 33 filters. You can also adjust the intensity level of your photo by swiping right or left and then tap ok. It’s up to you.
  4. Now your photo will go through three stage of layers, each layer play their own role. This app checks your entire photo from top to the bottom and then it analysed your photo to give the perfect match filter.
  5. Once the app finishes finding the matching art (filter for your photo), then you will find your photo into a new photo, a photo that resembles like art photo (a work of an artist).
  6. Later on, you can save it and then upload it to your social networking account.


This Prisma app is available at free of cost only for iOS users and currently, this app is available only in some countries approxiately 25 countries. The downloading record of this app has reached around 3 million downloads around the 25 selected countries. So if you should also grab one now and enjoy the great photo editing app on your phone.

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