New 500 rs Note launched, 2000rs notes Colour Fadding & Banned News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called an emergency address speech, where he revealed to the country that 500 and 1000 rupee notes are to be discontinued from midnight today. I know how defective decision it is but it is true and will be staunch decision of striking off usage of 1000 and 500 Rupee notes currency in India. This decision has been made by the present government under the PM who says, IMF and World Bank states India is an economic star now.

Every citizen will be allowed to withdraw 10,000 Rupees from Bank or ATM per day and 30,000 per week which seems to be less. This ban on notes can be major stroke on Indian economy but we will, have to wait and watch how it turns out to be.
Why India Banned 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes

1000rs banned notes

India Banned 500rs & 1000rs Notes from Today

India has made a strict decision of banning regular 500 and 1000 rupee notes from circulation which is a result of finding 1.25 lakh crore black money. Indian government believes that by taking this decision we can hit black markets down and you would be least circulation of black money and fraud would not take place.

Indian Announces 2000 Rupee Note Circulation

Instead of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes RBI will be issuing 2000 rupee notes which will be a regular currency circulation over India.

All those people who are worrying what to do with the stacks of 500 and 1000 notes, need not to glaze and run punching on the government. Because they have released a statement saying that all the remaining 500 and 1000 rupees notes are to be deposited at neat by Post Offices
Well Indian finance is sure going to face chaos by the demoing plans of our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So, most of you might be wondering what more topics have been discussed and stated during this speech. So I have posted all of them below.

• Sab ka sarkaar, sab ka vikas – governance and progress for all is our motto. We are focused on empowerment of the poor. A series of schemes we have introduced all aim at this. This is a government for our farmers.
• Corruption and black money are diseases rooted in this country, they are obstacles to our success.
• We are among fastest-growing economies, but we also rank so high in global corruption rankings.
• Terror strikes at the innocent. Who funds these terrorists? Across the border, our enemy uses fake currency and dodgy funds to sponsor terror – this has been proven repeatedly.
• Terror strikes at the innocent. Who funds these terrorists? Across the border, our enemy uses fake currency and dodgy funds to sponsor terror – this has been proven repeatedly.
• When you elected this government in 2014, world was talking about India being shaky economically. But India is now an economic star – this is what IMF and World Bank are saying.
Commoners over social media networks like Facebook and Twitter has started trolling the decision made by Indian government Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This issue might seem going easy but would turn into a chaos if government takes no necessary steps to circulate money correctly.

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521 thoughts on “New 500 rs Note launched, 2000rs notes Colour Fadding & Banned News

      1. Decision was not sudden… It merely started with bank account for all. Then linked bank accounts with aadhar… Then brought disclosure of bank account passport and aadhar no. in income tax return… Add to it the various data mining and collection tools in the hands of the income tax department… Then the income disclosure scheme… And this masterstroke… Truly a systematic change in the last 2 years!!!
        Timing is also key – 8 pm announcement means no possibility to make last moment transaction at jewellers shop or any impact on share market
        Guys, just look at the timing! He’s totally screwed the satta bazaar who are betting thousands of crores on the US elections results today. The results will be out by 1 am, whereas the currency notes will be worthless from 12 am tonight…: That’s okay, Be at home. Don’t worry, Eat wat u have, Travel as u can, Ask for lift if u don’t have change
        Don’t worry This is a drastic change, It’s for good ..We can support this
        Don’t complain or frustrate …it’s our chance to raise India back to what it was.
        It’s our chance to support Our leader
        Let’s all come together and fight back Let us do for our coming generations, Let’s do for our country
        Let’s support our pm
        Drastic change does not come slowly.. it hits like a hammer and breaks all that is … 😎
        Congratulations India for a legendary leader.
        It can be chaos in the moment, it will be revolutionary transforming for our coming generations.
        I dont mind bearing this inconvenience now, for a better future.

        I support Narendra Modi.

      2. Prime Minister Modiji has taken a very good decision to fight against black money. I really appreciate him lost

      3. Modo me naw me bhosude…what will happen to people who are travelling to India with a few 1000 rupee notes and have to take a freaking taxi to a hotel?

        Will they have to walk to post offices first?

        Indian economy will tank soon!

      4. yes i agree with pm modi decision on banning rs 500 and rs 1000 notes and should not be published again . becoz bigger currency notes increase coruption and money left untraced and crime increases. every transaction more than rs 500 should be through bank or debit card. and cost on printing notes will be less . and poor people uses below rs 500 normaly .baning notes will have less impact on them and more on corupt people . and duplicate currency will be eliminated.
        its like cleaning india from heart and from crime.making every one equal.

    1. Why the drastic step?

      Addressing the nation on Tuesday evening, Modi said that a neighbouring country has tried to destabilise India by circulating forged currency notes for years. The fresh step is expected to put stop to that. Although he did not name the country, Modi was indicating Pakistan.

      The prime minister also said in his address: “The twin diseases of black money and corruption have taken deep roots in the country, and are becoming a huge hindrance in the battle against poverty.

      1. My opinion about banning rS500&rS1000 is the ultimate way to resolves immediately this severe circulating of fakes bills 💵. Black money 💰 without equivalent values in the world 🌎 bank. Big step !!! congratulations PM

      1. 500 and thousand notes should be banned but rs 2000 and 500 notes should not come 100 rs note should be the biggest notes all big transaction should be done through bank whuch is a traceble money country should go cashless and should do all big transaction by the bank so goverment can trace that money
        like usa and uk where biggest note is only 100 dollar in goverment could have given a permanent resoulution to the corruption to black money

    2. This all has done by pm modi to stop black marketing’s.
      By doing so we will get back the black money and our economy would increase rapidly.

  1. So this means that my 500 Rupees notes are banned by India and I cannot use them as well? so where to submit my Banned 500 Rupees notes India

      1. You can deposit in your bank account or replaced them in post office between 10 Nov. To 31 DEC. You can deposits maximum 10000 rupees per day. So if you have heavy cash at your home, simply goes wasted.

      1. @”So if you have heavy cash at your home, simply goes wasted.”

        It won’t get wasted. After 30th Dec 2016 till 31st March, you can go to any offices of RBI and do the same signing a some kind of declaration form.

      2. What if in business in which one has collected large sum of money.I mean its earned through legal means its not a black money.So if its allowed to deposit only 4000 per day ,will all the remaining go wasted?

      3. If the money is declared income and tax paid it can be deposited in RBI before March 31, 2017. All deposits above 2.5 lakhs will be tallied against income tax returns!

      4. I welcome the decision of PM, when a common man is not facing any problem regarding this decision why the politicians are facing problem by this decision, every one can understand Mr Politician don’t fire the Gun by keeping the but on the shoulders of the common man

      5. U can deposite any amount in your bank but u will be asked for aadhar card/pan card.and you can change your notes 4000/day

      6. Yes , Hon P.M. has taken a very good decision but for common man & middle class citizen suffer mostly. Most of the Banks in India do their work very slowly[for that matter all Government departments]the staff think they are doing the public a great favor.Rich culprits can get away just by keeping agents to change their currency at a quicker time. So, its high time we all got to be alert request the Bank staff to work diligently & faster in order to avoid rush

    1. You can exchange them in Banks and Post offices without any ID proof till 31st Dec 2016 and with a valid ID proof till 31st March 2017. The daily limit of exchange per person now is Rs.4000 a day. Or else, you can deposit them in your bank account and with draw Rs.10,000 a day with a limit up to Rs.30,000 a week. You can with draw 2000 a day from ATMs. If you are on travel, you can use these notes in airports and railway stations. You can also use these note to pay all the bills you need to pay to the government.

      1. yes,we support it with little bit inconvenience in personal level to revive INDIAN ECONOMY without black money and fake money for the benefit of common and middle class people. This will affect the bloody politicians and their supporting business tycoons who are grabbing political and economic power with illegal spending in every elections at local,state and national levels and earning CRORES of rupees in the form of investors with the advantage of political power.


      2. The note of 2000 will come with a electronic chip which will find out the black money even if it is kept 15 meters below the ground. The chip will be always connected to satellite and if more quantity is stacked together will alert RBI. Secondly present quantity of 1000 and 500 rupees notes contribute 80% of total currency . Now RBI will have limited quantity of high denomination notes which certainly will help to control black money and corruption.

      3. fantastic idea. Only idiots will be using such notes which can be monitored by anybody even when it is 150m undergrund.

      4. that will keep the lives of people on stake , soon the goons finds a way out to detect how much you are carrying and there you go …

      5. Happy to tell you that there is no such technology.
        Imagine every 2000 rupee note sending radio waves and choking network

      6. If 2k notes hav chips in dem 2 track stacks of notes, banks will b having stacks of notes.. won’t it alert RBI??

      7. 2000 rs notes are embeded with NGC
        Can be traced by settelite even under 120 meter earth. So nobodey can hide 2000 rs it depart ment.

      8. Such NGC technology does not exist, the idea that GPS tracking can occur without any power source is a hoax. At the very least the tech is barely viable, and is cost prohibitive to embed in every currency note. Think about it and do some tech research. The NGC news is a hoax. Given that I don’t really see how corruption will be stopped with this move.

      9. This move is to not stop the corruption, but to reduce the corruption to a great extent. A large amount of black money that exists at present in 500, 1000 notes, all have to be declared or will have no value.

      10. This is bulshit..there is no such technology in your 2000 rupee note. If there is a chip then how will that chip be getting power to operate? Or if you’re thinking that it will reflect to the satellite, then you yourself give a thought to it that how can reflection go to such a height.

      11. Not like this. Let you have 1 crore cash at your home with only 500&1000 rupees notes. You can maximum deposit 5 lacs in 1 account within the stipulated time period. Rest will be simple goes wasted. So even if 2000 note will come to market, people will not try to collect cash (blackmoney) at home with the fear of second surgical strike by p.m.

      12. If I had 1 crore in my bank, I would have been already aware of the news and made arrangements to launder it properly.
        PS: Foreign investments, domestic investments, white fronts… Anything!!!

      13. *why RBI is issuing ₹2000 Rupees Notes*

        The Rs 2000 currency is designed keeping in mind to eradicate the black money issues using state of the art indigenous nano technology, every Rs. 2000 currency note is embedded with a *NGC (Nano GPS Chip)*

        *How the embeded NGC Technology Works?*
        The unique feature of the NGC is it dosent need any power source. It only acts as a signal reflector. When a Satellite sends a signal requesting location the NGC reflects back the signal from the location, giving precise location coordinates, and the serial number of the currency back to the satellite, this way every NGC embedded currency can be easily tracked & located even if it is kept 120 meters below ground level. The NGC cant be tampered with or removed without damaging the currency note

        *How will this help eradicate black money menace?*
        Since every NGC embeded currency can be tracked. The satellite can identify the exact amount of money stored at a certain location. If a relatively high concentration of currency is found a certain location for a longer period of time at suspicious locations other than banks & other financial institutions. The information will be passed on to the Income Tax Department for further investigation

        *Just a beginning of the end of black money in India*

      14. Ur right but its not that if any one keep it below 15 metersmodi said if also kept below
        150 meters also can be alerted to RBI.means no chance of digging the money well its a awesome minded plan made by the team hats of to all loving indian people and also the countries supporting us

      15. At the time of deposit.. If u hve a huge amount of ruppee the bank will ask for proof from. Where u received all that money…

        If u failed in providing proof… Income tax department ka chappa padega..

      16. If you have huge stack of cash at home, you will no choice but to deposit it to the bank or lose the money completely.

        Based on your tax declaration over the past few years and the amount of money you return to the bank, its not so difficult to find out if it was black money or not.

      17. dude u need to know what is black money first.. lol.. if a person goes to exchange his money the amount will already be registered in his name and he’d have to pay tax for it. the reason it is called black money is that they don’t pay tax for it and there’s no govt. record for it !!

      18. Great initiative by Modi.
        Hats off to his guts and common man will get benefits out of it going forward.

      19. ahem ahem .. to stop corruption .. O com on .. people are taking 500 n giving 400 chnge .. similrly .. taking 1000 n giving 700 or lesser then 1000 …… so is it really uprooting corruption … or giving another face to corruption ….

    1. It is a good decision. But ban should have been on old notes. If one person withdraws 5 lakh rupees from bank on 08/11/2016 and he comes to know in evening that the 500 rs notes are banned, it will be a big joke. Also submission of notes is 4000 per day, isnt it?

    2. It is bad idea of banning 500 and 1000rs they didn’t think about old people,taxable money saved in home as savings and already all banks went out of cash, no atm is working still, they are not able to give 4k for each so how come u can change ur money by 50 days excluding sat and sun. it is impossible all money are going to be wastage and india gonna borrow money from world bank soon.

  2. is this true that 500 Rupees note banned in India? why this sudden decision by PM ? I though they will only ban 1000 Rupees notes in India

  3. So when 2000 note will circulate , the story of black marketing repeats itself. Then what is the meaning of taking such a quick decision.

    1. it is the step to remove black money. 2000 rs notes are going to circulate from 10 or 11th nov 2016 as per latest news of “THE HINDU”

      1. This won’t remove black money. It
        is wiser to sell Rs500 notes at a discount than giving Rs160 as tax to govt

    2. wait a minute. why do you think circulation of 2k notes cannot be stopped at 12.00 pm after say 6 to 7 years from now. That way we can go on controlling black money in a very simple but very bold steps.

      1. I think new 2K notes are chip enabled. It will not be required to stop these notes. Anywhere there is a stash of 2K notes, the govement will have a track of it.

  4. How to do currency exchange for Banned 500 rupees notes from India? Are we allowed to exchange our old 1000 rs notes with New 2000 Rupees notes?


    1. No santosh india trying to ban corruption you can exhacnge your 500rs and 1000 rs notes from bank, i say its best decision by indian governament

      1. When a person will take huge amount of black money (500 & 1000 ₹ notes) to a bank or post office . Do you think they will just take the money and handover them the changed currency ??? They will ask for PAN card. Here’s where PM Modi hit the “Bingo”. Really appreciate his decision. !!!!

      2. Now all collected old 500 1000 currency was banned currency. Govt exchange that notes.
        Then govt. Economically loose that all money. How can rrb get that?

      3. What about the poor people who do not hold any bank accounts and depends on daily wages ? What about all the money they have saved ? Is it allowed to go to any bank and exchange those notes and get 100 or 2000(when ever its available) in return ? This is indeed a good step but this should have been done with some prior notifications and proper steps. you see, no banks will usually accept hugh amounts when you go to deposit as they will surely be asking where did you get all these money from.. So in that case prior notification should have been given. This is total rush

      4. Such decision can not be taken giving prior intimation. Had prior intimation been given, black marketers would have turned their money white. Like in IT raid, giving prior intimation means you are helping the tax evader to manage their black money. NaMo is the only PM, who can take such bold decision. I really appreciate the way he is governing our country. Hats off.

      5. Prior notice denge toh normal person se jyada dusre log exchange kar lete the notes, and my dear friend bank will not ask any question to you while depositing any amount of money, its not there job and even they dont have any right regarding the same.. but you to show those effect in your income tax return, if you crossed any cretira decided by income tax department they can do scrutiny of the last 8 years books of account, and your reply should be genuine, if you are not able to give reply then IT department can leavy you TAX + Interest + Penalty + in some cases prosecution(JAIL) also.

      6. Excuse me admin … du you know there is bank holiday for 2 days… so how can i exchange my 1000 n 500 rs note.. while m out of station n what should i do for ma food… hope many like me are strugling through out india .. modi dont bother about common men n he might b forced by adani / ambani

      7. the banks are open this saturday/sunday, so you shouldn’t trouble yourself about that.
        If you are out of station, you can go to any bank/post office, and get yourself some usable cash.
        Many people are facing difficulties, but such is the nature of the strong actions taken against any menace…



      1. Hey man, please don’t spread wrong info to people. If you don’t know anything. Shut Ur ass n sleep. Please don’t appreciate Congress. All educated people know what they did for 60 + years in India

  6. Those who have 500 and 1000 rs notes they can submit to banks or deposit to your banks accounts with Valid documents..And if you want cash bank will give you in 100 notes

  7. Thanks for this Rupees 500 note banned video and Modi live speech video that I can download. Can I share this link which has 1000 Rs note banned video with my friends on Facebook, Twitter?

  8. Can you tell me how do I download 500 rupees banned video from YouTube or your site directly! I really have a bad itch about this ban of notes in India

      1. Do you aware of poor people… india is poor country n 60% of indians are BPL. and they r earning dialy basis .. while bank has declaired holday for 2days. How can they survive.. dont b like a frog inside well.

      1. Admin, banks/travelex are not converting 500 and 1000 bills here in US. It is not about legality, it is about how to get your money back because soon these bills be piece of paper.

    1. You can deposit any amount you have. But, if it crosses Rs.2.5 Lakhs, you need to disclose the source of that money. There is a limit in withdrawal. You can withdraw 10K per day capping up to 30K per week till this rush is over.
      If you want to exchange this money, you can exchange only 4K a day. You dont need a bank account in that bank if want to exchange.

  9. Yah its good for banning 500 & 1000.but withdraw limit per day & per wek is 10000 & 30000 its so hard to hear and problamatic to comman man (public)

  10. m not worried about the ban…but what the sh**T is this shit that we cannot withdrawl more then 10000 inr…. if my aunt is admitted in hospital in night what should i do…. go to the bank or post office where to go… fuck this rule…. if i have my money in bank that means its not black money its my money and i can withdraw how much i want…

      1. It’s not necessary to pay in any of those places as cash, you can make direct paymenta from your account. Rbi and economists are not fools.

      2. Nowadays, everybody has atleast a debit/atm card. Don’t worry, hispital administration won’t insist you to in cash. You can very easily make payment through your debit/atm card. Don’t think that this decision was taken suddenly. The Govt. did a lot of home works before arriving at this decision. Initially, we (general public) will be in trouble for a frw days, but out come such decision will change the economy of our country.

    1. its true…. if anybody is there who favouring to modi … kindly answer him…!!! This is what happrns while Illitrate become PM.

  11. I just came to UK for my higher studies. What should I do with my 500 and 1000 notes. There are no Indian banks available here in the place I’m staying. Even if there is, will they exchange current notes.

    1. I hope If U came from UK for higher Studies,It must be some reputated university or college. And In India all reputated college and university they have atlst one Indian Bank in their campus.Dnt try to make us FOOL to say their is no Indian Banks, Or post Ofiice are avilable in your place.

  12. Modi wants cheap popularity and like his “ache din” promise, fooling innocent and gullible people. Mrs. Gandhi also did such things in the past but the history has proven that such steps are short-sighted and meant for cheap popularity by politicians. Count the cost of handling the consequences… ATMs, operational bottlenecks at banks and post offices, waste of time in waiting in endless queues (we are more than a billion and quarter in India!), and hassles and mental agonies to people crores of people will have to go through. Waste of time and money. What a non-sense decision.

    We are heading backward. Regressing than progressing.

      1. agree, a move to possibly destroy the economy (all the business owners that live on daily cash earnings, plan to send their children to best schools, pay health, school, utility expenses, and try to live a better life) This is a kick to an average Indian.
        In long run, this move will help India but there has to be a better way to ban illegal money. I am not too convinced if this is one of them and am sure good people will be loosing a lot of money because of this.

      2. Unfortunately there are many people here to criticize than to suggest. When one has a better idea than some thing, then only he or she should open their mouth.

    1. Yes Mr Common Man

      I am not able to understand how you could be a common man with so much money as cash so that you are so furious.

      This is no nonsense a move by Modi, we call it as Modi’s Majic – He has made India a Black money less country over night and of course there has been some inconvenience but only for a small time.

  13. What about tommorow… What if I have nothing but 500 rupees in pocket ? How can I pay or use my money tomorrow and day after tomorrow drink petrol instead of water?

      1. no they will not give 100 rupees in return , instead you can make purchase from old 500 rupees notes at these places

      2. It just act on the ” hospitals,petrol stations, govt. places” but the privet hospitals are not accepting the 500-1000 notes……… Though it is a good stape, bt when it is a medical case then the public has to face some problem… other wise it is ok…. A historic stape taken by Modi govt.

  14. Very worng and hasty decesion think of the people who are below economy level who work day to day labourers who are travelling think of all the people in nation all are sufferers very wrong decesion

    1. Stop being selfish and for at least once think about the country dude , this decision should be supported by all but for some fools like u who only care about the inconvenience caused to them, these small problems will persist for few days only but the benefit it will provide to our country’s economy is immense. Some people will face small problems when such big decisions are taken but that does not mean that you go whinning about it.

      1. Modi wants cheap popularity and like his “ache din” promise, fooling innocent and gullible people. Mrs. Gandhi also did such things in the past but the history has proven that such steps are short-sighted and meant for cheap popularity by politicians. Count the cost of handling the consequences… ATMs, operational bottlenecks at banks and post offices, waste of time in waiting in endless queues (we are more than a billion and quarter in India!), and hassles and mental agonies to people crores of people will have to go through. Waste of time and money. What a non-sense decision.

        We are heading backward. Regressing than progressing.

      2. Ayoun Ghosh u r right dude these foolish idiots they are don’t have patriotism they can’t tolerate for 2 days , even thought some legends like great Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Ajad, Bal Gangadhar Tilak etc , Guys please remember these names and what the kind of hell of problem they faced for our nation , I really still have a shame on such kind of foolish and selfish citizens.

        Thanks And Regards
        Mahendra Patil

      3. Right and these great people never called their brothers idiots or fools. They respected each other. So maybe think about that and be respectful to people’s opinions. There is a better way to disagree. Literacy.

  15. All should support this move in the interest of our Nation and its growth…
    Accumulated dirt and mess since many years require some time to clean it up which in turn help start afresh with a pleasant ambience.

    Challenge is to reach the Rural and make the whole nation electronic economy…
    such moves are need to be a developed country by 2050

      1. You can deposit any amount you have. But, if it crosses Rs.2.5 Lakhs, you need to disclose the source of that money. There is a limit in withdrawal. You can withdraw 10K per day capping up to 30K per week till this rush is over.
        If you want to exchange this money, you can exchange only 4K a day. You dont need a bank account in that bank if want to exchange.

  16. Yes indira gandhi banned it … But she and her family looted whole country … Now its modi turn hope for a great change…86%of currencies are 1000 and 500’s…so intelligent guys can understant from this… Here after (for more than 30years) fake currency will not rotate …and it will end all black money holder who are having indian money (not who having black momey in dollars) it will slow down hawaala money exchange… Within one year india will bring a big change … #india202possible

    1. black money can not be stopped. Even developed countries can not able to stop the circulation of black money in their countries. We have to improve the patriotism like other country peoples are having. Then only way we can stop the terrorism. like BHARATIYAR TOLD “THEEMAIYAI KANDAL VEERU KONDU EZHA VENDUM”

  17. All banks should strike till they lift the ban. This will not curtail black money in anyway but could let the government accuse you of hoarding black money when it is not. This is an absurd anti people move. Most farmers can’t even exchange these notes because of the requirements for the exchange. Most people also have transactions with mostly Rs500 and Rs1000 notes and to exchange those there is a 10000 daily limit and 20000-30000 weekly limit which is plain absurd. It is time to kick out this modern day Tuqlag out of office.

    1. For betterment, it is must.
      Millions of 500/1000 Rs notes already circulated in India.
      5 Year back, crores of fake note Rs caught that smuggled from Nepal to India. And some Pakistani people were involved.

      Also, many govt employees in MP were caught with cores of RS.

      It is necessary step and if people face difficulty for betterment of country, there should not be any problem.
      Modi is also a politician, and many of his party might have Black money also.
      It is a great step, by any politician.
      He is really an Indian Mindset.

    2. @hyderabad, ……Do the transaction online or through bank. I think u never done any transaction legally…may be u have done all in it’s hitting you so hard.

  18. Right now I have 100000 rs of 500 notes and 1000 denomination notes … Will u suggest me to how I may convert that in 100 rs note …..? Directly in bank I cont replace that than what I can do ?

    1. Yeah don’t worry. Go to a bank nearby. We have time till December 31 2016. So plan wisely and get them converted. Try at money deposit machines too. Expect long wait times though.

  19. It was necessary to register people who. R exchanging money
    If my friend gives his black money to poor friends return lng the money back how much u expect black money will be white

  20. You guys can change in petrol bunks , govt transport(bus and train ) till november 11… Supermarkets like big exchange stores or places

  21. *why RBI is issuing ₹2000 Rupees Notes *

    The Rs 2000 currency is designed keeping in mind to eradicate the black money issues using state of the art indigenous nano technology, every Rs. 2000 currency note is embedded with a NGC (Nano GPS Chip)

    How the embeded NGC Technology Works?
    The unique feature of the NGC is it dosent need any power source. It only acts as a signal reflector. When a Satellite sends a signal requesting location the NGC reflects back the signal from the location, giving precise location coordinates, and the serial number of the currency back to the satellite, this way every NGC embedded currency can be easily tracked & located even if it is kept 120 meters below ground level. The NGC cant be tampered with or removed without damaging the currency note

    How will this help eradicate black money menace?
    Since every NGC embeded currency can be tracked. The satellite can identify the exact amount of money stored at a certain location. If a relatively high concentration of currency is found a certain location for a longer period of time at suspicious locations other than banks & other financial institutions. The information will be passed on to the Income Tax Department for further investigation

    Just a beginning of the end of black money in India

    1. Wishful thinking and wasted resources. Incorrect methods will not lead to end of B.M. To do a good job not only the objective needs to be right, the means also have to be right and appropriate. Consider the two possibilities. 1. The embedded chip can be tracked. inference: possibly anti-socials can also track your money in your pocket. 2. Any electronic system can be blocked. So there is no fool proof tracking.

    2. Yeah, the note even comes with a jio 4g sim embedded to track the location + a decent fitness tracking device ….all of which do not need power to run..can run without power for as long as the note lasts

  22. If it is banned our dear prime minister has to book all the netas as they have billion of them . Even here in Rajasthan people have stores to keep 500 nd 1000 rupees . So they will all feel terrible. Next Modi won’t be happening.. it india doston…

  23. As it is lots of Indians are starving. Now since no banks tomorrow and that we can expect heavy crowd in banks and post offices to exchange these notes we have to stave more

  24. Hi Peoples of Our great Nation,
    Please support such a good things when ever happens, Its happens for our good. From past so many years lot & lakhs of fake notes are circulatin from Bangladesh and Pakistan countries. Who’s main intention is to bring our economy down and create chaos in our country. Once upon a time so many greate legends laid their life because of our today, Please try to remember there sacrifices and let support with heart and soul to such a nation cause. By doing this we can also help our country towards progress. enough is enough let make a change. Pround to be Indian and Proud to be a HINDU.

      1. This economic action is taken for the sake of indian citizen and you should say “proud to be indian” not hindu…muslim…christian…
        We fools always insert our relegious thoughts into whatever the situation arises ….that is why we sink…

  25. This is a good initiative, but right now i’m not having a single penny in my pocket, anyway lagey raho Modi Sir……….!!! _/\_


  26. What will be the cost of that chip they are going embed wid 2000’s note? n how the government is going manage the cost! By implementing more taxes??

    1. I am in USA and after enquiring at few places,came to know that no bank or any currency place is accepting INR till further notice.

      1. no problam you can send 500 and 1000 rs in indian by courier
        if you handel any problem you just call on 8930380930 Mandeep i will help you

  27. this is great idea modi are so powerfullman you can do anythink .
    what will happen now?
    whole people of india will show there real money .they deposit there whole money may be above lakhs and goverment will take tax from it .so taxes of gov also rise.
    iam sorry i have written in this english whatever i know but my thought is true.

  28. I hate this decision because my brother marriage is on 11 november 2016 we have money in cash to give the payment but now that cash money is lost no use so I hate this decision .

  29. all this is creating a lot of confusion..we could have been giving a warning earlier .so that now we dont have to stand in lines for hours to exchange our 500 and 1000 notes.the move is great ..but sirji warning is important

  30. If 2000 rupees note have chip
    K if it will be burn as a incidently bcz its is a electronic currency…. What will do common people…. Tell me…
    And also satellite also our connect with us where our 2000 rupees locate.k fine it is good news for IT HACKERS

  31. Is there any guarantee that the new chip installed will work properly. Also will there be damage to these notes while folding putting in wallets etc

  32. What will the government do with those banned notes.. Will they circulate the same 500 & 1000 notes after few years. What if the chip is destroyed which is connect with the satellite. How will they monitor?

    1. Hello Neha madam,

      Appko worng descision kyon laga , Agar app ya appka Bap moral se paisa kamaya hai to darne ki bat nahi hai , Agar app immoral se kamaya hai to appke liye wrong decision hi hoga

      Thanks And Regards
      Mahendra Patil

  33. Some people are only thinking about themself and not for nation, shame on them. This step taken by government not for cheap popularity but shake of citizens. Black money and corruption are curse for india, these are major in india’s progress. Please think also about nation, don’t be selfish.
    Jai hind

  34. Okay, in exchanging 500 or 1000 in a bank or post office, let’s say 500, what are we going to get in exchange? Are they giving us five notes of Rs 100? because getting change of 500 or 100 is hard to get these days.

  35. sir i am having a doubt if i am having 1000000 in my hand and i am having it in 500 notes and how should i exchange my money if i am not having no account in bank or post office

  36. I salute mr modi for this brave decision he has taken to save me and all indians… We all r proud of u Sir… “JAY HIND”…

    1. Yes surely , impact it may swissbank or someother bank , ek na ek din paisa to india mai kharcha karne ke liye leke ayenge , ajj nahi to kal , lekin uske liye thoda time chahai hai. Aur agar app paise waha pe rakhte ho bhi to uska hisab sabkuch sahi hona hai naa, abhi to 500 and 1000 rs se appne waha pe foreing exchange kiya hai to usak to hisab rahega naa, aur wou log appko manege bhi nahi

      Thanks And Regards
      Mahendra Patil

  37. Such an bad idea by the PM Modi How can u stop corruption by just banning the 500 and 1000 Rs Notes many big Economy like South Korea, Japan have 1000 rs notes and their country is running well. And i want to ask one question to Ministers when go out for a visit to different they came with a huge security why u to have waste your money on huge security if u think you are corruption free then why u have to worry about it. Dont know what people will do in rural area where they don’t have any banks to exchange their money they are crying for the food now. Before implementing any decision have to think about it how it will affect the people and its personal life most of the people in india are not educated and they dont have the bank account for exchange.

    1. Nisarg, y people will cry for food? Is it them or u r crying? Everyone will have some other notes and also u can withdraw or deposit or exchange ur money at anywhere.

    1. yes you can deposit this deposit with your pen card number
      if you handel any problem you just call on 7599010407 i will help you just shoot the video when bank cashier does”t deposit your cash

  38. People dint need not to panic over this step, As this is a nice step by the Pm to curb down the black money which people having even after giving them a chance for the conversion. Yes i know that common people have to suffer for 2-3 days but at the end good step for country.

  39. I have to sleep empty stomach because I was just having 500 note in my pocket and no one gave me change ….even ATM denied….he would have given some deadline ….i am not denying the decision. But he should think about the middle class people and students and general public…

  40. Why has the government decided to issue 2000 rupee notes instead of 1000 rupee notes? Is there any economic reason behind it?

  41. This could be a wise decision or a blunder, can’t say yet, until the market fall due to shortage of 100 ruppee note already exist in the market and also the huge transactions made everyday cannot be made due to unavailability of sufficient currency. Apart from that, the most corrupt exist in the government, politicians and government employees. They still don’t need to go to banks or post offices personally, they will probably use other methods, the problems will be only for the common public, who need to earn and spend everyday and make transactions in cash.

  42. One can not stop curruption it’s there in human nature money is just one cause for it there are lots of things who causes it .remember curruption is always there when there was no money invented. besides of making these foolish ideas . Make education system best in india high quality education for all . Medical free for people and work for everyone . Use population as power not as problem

    1. Are Bhosadike Ravikant paisa hi sabkuch hai, ajj kal paise se insan janwar bhi ban sakta hai aur ho sake to Ram bhi ban sakta hai , Here money is very crucial role in all the aspects , aur usko hi badala hai, Aur Modi sab ne sahi kiya hai

  43. What about people who are struck in transactions? It will affect them for real… and Govt should make a good note of fake financiers and uphold them to avoid any mishaps meanwhile 🙂

  44. I am abroad able to come in India after December2016 as my nature of profession having inr 500 note near to 100 pcs what shall I do now

  45. I recently came to usa and i have like 10 of 500 notes and 3 of 1000 notes.after watching this news i rush to the near by currency exchange office but they directly said we are not accepting indian currency right now.what i suppose to do with this currency now. other way is to post them back to india but it cost me like 2000 INR. is there any other way i can exchange here it self.

  46. Even on normal days,banks in India are dysfunctional and inefficient .Now,they will not be able to handle all the crowd overwhelming the bank with this awkward rule and short time to do the transaction. Is this the central govt to distract people from the uncontrolled pollution in the capital?

  47. Do all banks have sufficient 100 rupee notes to give. Even on normal days some banks say they don’t have 100 rupee notes. Where will they produce so many notes in 24hours. Also the mad rush in banks to clear these notes may lead to severe hardship for the common man

  48. This is very bad idea.. garib logo ko kya hoga agr unke pass 5 note 500 ka ho to .ap ye bhut galt kr rhe ho sabko dekhr chlna chahiye apko

    1. Are Madarchod uske liye unhone time diya hai naa , aur upto 50K tak koi problem nahi hogi ,garib log koi bhi bank ya post office mai jake exchange currency karwa sakte hai , tum log bat ko kyon nahi samaj rahe ho

      Thanks And Regards
      Mahendra Patil

  49. A good way to earn fast money friends. Line up your men in front of banks and post offices. Come Friday charge public a charge for getting their money changed fastér. Make black money in the bargain
    Wah wah good way to stop unemployment problem for a day

  50. its a nce dissicion becase the people with a lot amount of black money can’t chance a huge amount of money nd if they goes to change the money then CBI should investigate from where the person got huge amount of money looking on his or her basis or source of her or his income ….

  51. Yes…it is a best way to stop corruption.we the new generation should support it nd make the people understand as they r panicing seeing the news..!!

  52. This is excellent and ultimate step improve crores of poor mens life in india
    2. to stop corruption
    3. to know and to control black money
    4. to stop circulating fake notes in india
    5. Modijis govt being poor people govt proved its honesty.
    6. no pm/govt has taken such tremendous and sudden step for the security of INDIA and future generations of mother india.
    8. Our pm did not think of his next political career with cheap and selfish
    9. I am afraiding of any indian in any good financial position is falling into trap of poverty and can not coming from that trap. After implimenting this the gap of poor and rich comes closer and no more such trap exists.
    10. Go through GEETHA or BIBLE or Quoron you find ‘help to poor ‘only
    11.Above all printed fake notes by terrlrists will no more valid which is a
    powerful weanpon against TERRORISM in india adopted by our PM Narendra Modiji….

  53. BJP leaders would have definitely invested their 500/1000 rs notes at correct place…before announcing this change….its a clever move by Modi…ek teer se do shikaar…..gaining votes for fighting against votes and beating opponents political leaders hidden money!!

  54. This is an absolutely brave decision by our prime minister.
    Considering the fact that India is a state of war with pakistan.
    This decision will have to be backed with military support for the common people.
    We all know that its the most powerful that has huge black money.
    There is going to be a war within the country.
    This is a phenomenal decision if its backed with good military support.
    Bearing in mind that pakistan also might wage war at such difficult times.
    2 wars before christmas. Not a good gift to my daughter 🙂 🙂

  55. I agree with the decision taken my government .. hopefully they would have done planning and homework a lot .. but 2 days common people like students auto wala and myself were running to ATM. But u fortunate all ATM are blank.i appeal to bank holders not to make a fish market at banks from now till 30th Dec . They should also have capacity of stock of 100 rupees notes and 2000 rupees in advance .. THis is called as availability and capacity planning

  56. so, now it will be easy for robbers to rob money on road because lots of people’s will go to bank for exchanging their currencys. this will be a very bad thing for india. there might be even protest by people’s whose hardworking money got robbed by robbers while going out for exchanging

  57. I’m a turist in India has I’m speaking I have a a lot of 500 rupias bills . What can I do so I don’t loose my money ??

    1. Hello Priya Madam,

      Tohh kya appke kan mai ake bolenge kya Mr.Modi sab

      “these are very confidential and its checkmet for all the corrupted big politician , real-estate business man , terror spreader ,drug spreader , fake currency notes” Agar manlo pehale hi unhone intimation de diya hota to yea sab madarchod currputed peoples escape ho jate , Samaj gayee ab to

      Thanks And Regards
      Mahendra Patil

  58. It’s a fantastic move by Mr. Modi against corruption. … hatts off to you sir…. but I want to ask a question … m a student living now in Chandigarh for study and I have only 500 rs notes how I can exchange it And I have no bank acount

  59. abe chutiye thode din rukk jaaa pata chal jayega kitna acha decision hai yeee
    sala isliye kaha tha kisi pade likhe insaan ko PM bawao taki Janhit ko dkhte hue koi bhi faisala liya jaaye india main main 60% aabadi middle claas walo ki hai or is faisale se unhi ko zayda farak padna haii
    baki ke 40% ameer logg aaram se ghr beth ke tv dkhre hoge

  60. Its a good move of our PM which is apricuated. moreover, it will b better if we replace whole notes by new one. n continue replacing in evry 2 or 3 succsesive years.. is that possible?

  61. Approach from PM is very good to avoid corruption. But few practical things are there.

    Good ::
    1. Reduce the corruption.
    2. Good initiative.
    Bad ::
    1. No people would have black money as currency at their homes.
    2. They have been converted to Gold, land, foreign banks and some properties.
    3. Don’t know the tracking system will work here for every 2k note.
    4. Many poor people are earning without a bank acc, so how could they change their money, this is just start week of a month.

    Anyhow, corruption should be blank out.

  62. Its a good decision. What happened poor people regular basis worker if those having 500 and 1000 rupees and don’t have the PAN, ADHAR card and no accounts in Bank/Post office how they will deposit/exchange the currency in bank/post office .

  63. we have our own money in account.
    so withdrawal limit should be goto normal as like it was.modi u dnt try to fool and cheat people.dnt be play idot game here.
    u the nonsense next time u cant be back

    1. You Rahul bullshit idiot how dare you to talk like this, If you are purely earned your money with moral and truth that will not affect you , and if you have money already in bank then you need to be worry for this , But if you have money in big number then you bullshit you go to bank and deposit the money by showing your ID proofs , Please be an well wisher of our nation and show some support and co-operation towards these kind of anti corruption methods and process , And Mr.Modi our PM is not fool man , he is having so much of patriotism in his blood and what the decision he has taken that is very brave step

      Thanks And Regards
      Mahendra Patil


  64. What is daily limit to deposit 500 and 1000th rs.note in bank and also tell me what is daily withrawl limit from bank or ATM .
    Sir please give me a reply
    Thank you

  65. The current central govt is highly appreciated & worthy of congratulation for implementation of this policy as this is a fantastic & formidable step towards rising Indian economy which globally enhance the economic system to such extent by reducing corruption,terrorism,hoarding of Black money & duplicate currency circulation in market.

    Long live Team Modi

  66. I’m tourist and going to visit india on 11 Nov . I just bought the india Rupee 40,000 yesterday night for my travel expenses in India. All are 500 notes and now the notes are banned. Can I bring it to India for exchange ?

    1. R.L Sehgal (Ex DGM ) Financial Economist / Information Scientist

      Changing the Indian Currency at the moment at any time hope was expected in the interest of public which have cancelled the Legal tender status of Rs.1000 and Rs. 500 denominations of banknotes of the existing series in India. This is necessitated to tackle counterfeiting Indian banknotes, to effectively nullify black money hoarded in cash and Curb funding of terrorism with fake notes may be the best out of best idea for our Country
      It for the benefit of SWATCH BHARAT (without Black money) and in the interest of public

      DELHI 110009

  67. I support the decision of stopping corruption but my sister’s wedding is in 2 days how will we pay bcz all the cash is in 500s and 1000s now olif they say we can exchange a max of 4000 per day I donno what to do….maybe it is a good decision but he should have given a weeks time…
    PS no offence to anyone

  68. its a very good decision really if you are educated person you never say that it is bad decision if you have black money / Fake currency.then modi is bad for you if you have white money then modi is good for you

    1. correct, we earn money by heard work and also not too much……. and this decision is really appreciable.—– keep it up….

  69. If any one have more money like 600 caror and he has not deposited his money in bank fear of arrested than that money will be wasted. Than how can government use that note..

    1. Dear Ankit,

      if a person is having 600 Cr and not declared the same.. this is black money. after banning 500 & 1000 notes this person either has to declare this deposit or it will go vain. GOVT wants this only. Either the black money will come back to GOVT or it will be just paper with no value.

  70. I really appreciate by the desicine taking by the prime minister narender modi. he has did the great job to ban the all 500 or 1000 ruppe note. it is the great statergy to trap corepted peoples in the tramp.

  71. Not a very good decision, suppose a poor man who got no money at home and living on daily basis earning, works hard all day on nov 8 and after finishing his work he got one 500 rs note and in next two days he got nothing to do, so there will be no earning for him. Now if the person leave work place at late night and after that he goes to any resturant, but they are not accepting 500 rs notes anymore.. that means the man has to wait for 2 days without any food and after 2 days he has to work hard all day long to get some money.

  72. guys… did any other person had a thought other side of the picture…

    UP elections are on verge.. parties might have already arranged black money to do expense in election and that would be more then 5000 crore (for up elections only)..

    they all get wasted… as ther is not accounts f or that money. :)) :))

  73. many live in village.. very far from bank or post office…they have only 500 or 1000 how they will survive…. in post office many people will gather…

    or if a people travelling ..if he has only 500/1000 in his pocket ..he don’t have 100/200..he is very he will eat…if he go in search of post office ..will the bus wait for him. ..or will is hunger go….for catching 1.25core of black money ..we 2.2million facing problm …….

  74. black money will not come back… black money will be burned…. no one will will be caught…..think from every direction..north.south.east. west…who have black money few will deposit in bank with other people bank account who have very less money…he will discuss with with him…nice decession but wrong step…

  75. What if we have to buy a product worth ₹1500?? With ₹1000 and 500 notes being banned. Should we carry 15 notes of ₹100. It is not so convenient…..

  76. i have 50000 cash with hard earning money with me, i took cash from my vendor / clients
    if i could deposit to my home bank,,, how much they will charge? or is there any charges to covert ion ?

  77. can i deposit/invest these old notes of 500 and 1000 in Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) in post office. Will post office accept these old notes of 500 and 1000 for this scheme w.e.f. 11.11.2016.

  78. The politicians (specially BJP) knew that this notes are going to ban, they must have exchanged their note (Black Money) with stable currencies like Gold, Property etc.

    1. Even that has to be declared to government and have to pay proper tax. if not It will ride on hem.,.,,

      and more ever do you have any example of such!!

  79. Nice initiative by modi ji…..never saw a legend like this!Is that 2 days or more…people should face problems to some extent for the great future of our India….Each and every citizen must have to support this decision!!!

  80. Sir, what is limit of week to submit the 500rs, notes and 1000rs. notes in goverment bank.and at how much can we take in a day or in a week.

  81. Really this is a great step by our P M, I am personally appreciating, If possible then every exchange of 500 and 1000 denomination should produce there pan or addhaar card and that should be in kept data and that will verify by the government.

  82. This prolly, the best for poor and worst for who’s having crore’s of black money, literally decision by modi sir & government a’ight support this 👍

    1. You can authorise someone who is in India by giving an authorisation letter and get the notes deposited into your bank account. This person will have to go to the bank on your behalf, with a valid identity card and your permission letter.

  83. Sir i have one question if correptted people having a black money but thay kept there 10% olny money @ home & 90% money in bank and thay will waiting for 30-12-2016 and after 50 days thay use there money easly..i want right explained answer for it.jai hind jai bharat

  84. NOT BAD IDEA BUT WHY THERE IS NO 1000 CURRENCY NOTE? Hopefully we are not going to suffer for these days in buying petrol shopping …..There has to be 250 CURRENCY NOTE………..



  85. This is good India have to make this type of decisions to arrest the people using black money. Now no one will use black money. 1.5 lakh crore black money of India will come back. This will be good. All the curreption will be finished with return of all black money to India.

  86. Sir, I have some money with me which i withdrawed for making purchase.. i want to know about the limit for deposting it back in bank? reply

  87. How the Indian govt will curb the black money deposited in forigen bank by banning 500 and 1000 denomination notes ?. They will only be able to disclose the money that are kept by any one in the form of cash(500 & 1000). Because people will submit their money in the bank other wise it will be worthless after the stipulated time. This way govt will get more money in the bank and tresaries. It will improve the condition of govt tresaries and banks which is also good. But how it will curb the balck money deposited in forigen bank accounts ? Can any one explain…

  88. Am a foreigner in India, I submitted my international passport for Visa extension, how can i change my Rs500 and Rs1000 if I don’t have a bank account and my Passport is not with me now????

  89. What about the black money that is in the form of foreign currencies & safety of overseas banks, valuable ornaments, properties, etc etc? How does banning 500 & 1000 going to impact it? & still 100’s running across, what are the possibilities that these 500 & 1000 cannot be changed to that. When someone is brilliant enough to earn lakhs & crores, do u think that they don’t have a safety measure or a backup plan?

  90. I have around Rs.5000/- in 500/1000 Notes,I m currently in Country -Angola,I bring this money here for Taxi fare from Mumbai Airport to Home .Now how i can exchange my currency.Or we will have facility at Airport to exchange our money once arrive in India.

  91. Good innovative thinking by PM Modi. But, people who have black money, they will hire poor people and their pan card exchanged the money …..So poor people also get some money from them. In that case what to do?

    1. pan card has individual number whoch is saved in govt system will be caught if you use sumones ID..thats why you need to submit ID proof in banks or post office

  92. Looks like Government thinks all Indians are upper level and still 80% population is from Village area . Such banned will create unforgettable stress and pain though you are taxpayer … Government would have atleast made alternate plan rather then stopping every thing which will impact daily needs . There could have been though about social life needs.

  93. I believe we are not yet independent, still dependent on those having lots of money and exploit common people in India. who is believe this is correct pls comments……

  94. Why the drastic step?

    Addressing the nation on Tuesday evening, Modi said that a neighbouring country has tried to destabilise India by circulating forged currency notes for years. The fresh step is expected to put stop to that. Although he did not name the country, Modi was indicating Pakistan.

    The prime minister also said in his address: “The twin diseases of black money and corruption have taken deep roots in the country, and are becoming a huge hindrance in the battle against poverty.

  95. Mitroooooon…. thode din ki dikkat hai bas… Phir sab set ho jana hai apne aap… 🙂
    Desh aur apne bhavishya ke liye itna to kar sakte hain…:)

  96. Every change should bear losses to some extent.though it seem loss for a glance it will
    gain huge after some period.every one should accept the change for better India.

  97. Nothing can b done to corruption …. The decision will only give problm to common people of india . in place of 500- 1000 making 2000 note will give more space to black money smaller quantity but heavy amount .. .. n make sense that by stoping it gives difficulties in daliy life we wont get any changes in shop n what abut poor people who get daily 500- 1000 rs what will they get in cash… . Think properly my people

  98. Hats of Modiji, good decision for better India which will be written in golden letters for good governance.

    People will face problems who have white money. But its just for a while.

  99. its a nice initiative , n i voted for him as a PM of india. i have to buy medicines , so called 500 1000 are in bank. bank close atm close. wtf

  100. Fantastic move by the honourable PM.
    I am a PIO from Malaysia…I do have some 30000 rupees in 500 and 1000 bills…as a result of non usage from my trips to India.
    I really don’t mind the uncertainties in being able to convert it into the new currencies because this action by Modi ji will definitely have real positive impact in eradicating corruption / fake notes and other money laundering…short term pain but long term gain for the economy of India.

  101. Bas mujhe ye samjhaiye k India me currency banned ka niyam kanun kya he. Bahut se black money holder apna paisa show nahi karega tab us currency ka nuksan kiska yoga. Plz solve my problem

  102. for poor like us how we will be able to use and where should i throw this
    money it might have some reasons but atleast give us chance so that we can prepare atleast

  103. I remember Modi ji promised nation in 2014 and may be part of their agenda to bring back “Black Money” in India, however still wondering if actual agenda that was promulgated changed and was it ever promulgated to take out “Black Money” from within India that we missed.

    I personally feel this step good and is very well timed prior to coming elections specially UP election and in other states as black money could not be used and elections would be fair without money power plus it’s also well timed as will help government to accumulate money before Budget session in 2017.

    I also have doubts what is the financial condition / status of government?

    Reasons to think so:

    is it that the much expected investment from foreign countries did not come however orders of aircraft are being placed — for example two recent deals of approximately Rs 51,000 and 81,500 Cr for Airforce and Navy finalised.

    is it that the income tax and other direct and indirect tax collections have been just average collected.

    Is it that OROP payment as demanded by Rx armed forces personnel .being deferred by 05 years in the form of increment in pension etc

    Just on lighter note few of the above reasons made me thinking if government actually has sufficient money as pulses, gram, wheat daily necessity things were not imported to keep check on price rise ????

    How much was the production versus demand of daily necessity things in 2014 to have prises in 2014 compared to production versus demand of daily necessity things on 2016. if imports could have limit such huge price rise in daily necessity things.

    Poor or salaries class may have temporary satisfaction but neither their salaries are going to increase nor have other source of income like generating and hording black money.

    The Salaried class used to invest in real estate and that too will have maximum impact.

    It’s to be now seen if cost daily basic necessities will still remain the same as on date or will reduce below 2014 prices???

    Till cost is not reduced relief to poor and sales class will not have any relief in my opinion.

    It would have been better if government would have also firmly stated that prises of daily necessary things would come down in next couple of months say two or three months and would have been most happy news.

    I would request the authors / journolist / economist etc publish facts in report as t o how poor, middle class, salaried class that have no other source of income benefit with such bold step by present government. For majority of Indians the current cost of living is too high.

    I would also appeal to Prime Minister to initiate bold step to immediately stop production and distribution of “Synthetic Milk and Synthetic Milk Products” as is not only making people sick after its consumption but weakening the current generation and children to come / future. Modi ji is requested to initiate strong steps for example Hanging a person or individual whoever indulges in production of “Synthetic Products” and it’s distribution. Am sure data would be available with our Government that total production of milk with milking of cows, buffaloes and goat will not be equivalent to milk required for milk products and milk distributed, so was thinking who else was producing milk, its probably from “Synthetic Milk” produced and distributed in market.

  104. Excellent decision by our honorable prime minister
    Good and firm decision maker and great leader.
    This would really alarm the frauds and black mkts

  105. one of our customer wanted to deposit 20 lakhs in his savings account and simultaneouly he wanted to convert in to fixed deposit by tranfering the same.

    is it possible?

  106. one of our customer wanted to deposit 20 lakhs in his savings account and simultaneouly he wanted to convert in to fixed deposit by tranfering the same.

    is it possible?

  107. one of our customer wanted to deposit 20 lakhs in his savings account and simultaneouly he wanted to convert in to fixed deposit by tranfering the same.

    is it possible?

    1. one of our customer wanted to deposit 20 lakhs in his savings account and simultaneouly he wanted to convert in to fixed deposit by tranfering the same.

      is it possible ?

      if it is not possible what is way for it

      1. If government can take such decision just to save you and country from terrorism,black money. why cant you do this.
        you not begging you are just getting right value to your money.

  108. all the big shots will definately have a way to secure their black money…how do you think they become big shots at he first place,,?


  110. Accutally there’s not a chip but a signal reflector it just reflect the waves
    If there would be chip for GPS it would need an energy source

  111. I have about 5 lack Cask at home which I withdrew to pay for the new apartment .
    What happen to that . As we can only deposit or exchange so little

    1. You can exchange with bank now one will stop you as yo have 50 day to do that. if you have paid tax to your income and declared all your income.

      more-ever why you want to pay hard cash to buy apartment. it is always good to pay via Cheque or DD.(only if you are not planning to save tax by paying cash to builder which is again considered as black money)

    2. Go and deposit 5 lac rupees in bank and make payment through NEFT/Cheque. The limit is only for converting the currency, not for depositing money

    1. It is very good decision… if any one suffering who doesn’t have black money, please share how actually they are suffering.

      they just need guidance.!!

  112. what if a person earning income below about 2 to 3 lakh yearly (doesn’t come under taxable slab) and saved about 1 lakh from many years and kept such saved amount at home say about 10 to 15 lakh and if he/she wish to deposit into bank. This question is with regards to govt which has said that revenue department would keep an eye on deposit of above Rs. 2.5 lakh….

  113. Hi guys,
    What is done, is best.
    Now It’s our time to support the government. And Mr. Narendra Modi also told us that now he is expecting maximum support from us. Government has taken this decision for us now its our duty to support the government. Don’t be panic to deposit your money, we have 50 enough days to deposit our legal money. Support the bank officers. Now don’t do any illegal transaction. Do not support the illegal transaction. After all this is our nation who is giving us food two time and clothes to wear daily. My India, Great India.

  114. Modi is May b right. But There should b some perfect arrangemet that people like me not suffer… U cant Belive if i tell u i saw innocent People crying…as they not able to spend their own money.. Before implementing these situation should b considered modi ji.. All the Best

  115. its good decision & bad decision because polital people already have black money and before taking this decision they had done changes. only middle class people suffering the problem.

  116. it will be useful but think once how many rich people have atm card in their name like normal people have atleast two or three then think is it possible to achieve the goal got my point and only people like us are suffering but what to say he is the head of our india so may be he is doing good for us thank you jai jind

  117. Modi was elected for the challenges that middle class or poor people were facing due to the increasing of price of foods but he is looking only for development from where he can fill his pocket as for example he hike the railway fare three times and now he banned this notes because it will make other beggar and he will be benefited as he has power right now. Chai wala modi haha afterall a business minded person and greedy too.

  118. That clearly is a further step into what the EU and the US try to introduce: No more cash, only electronic money and … the government has 100% control over our money. And as politicans are “always” extremly trustworthy and only want only our best – our money – this will end up in an oligarchy.
    Time to distribute the money in different countries and time to think of a kind of currency that is not under control of the governments. i.e. Bitcoin !?

  119. Please let us know how and where and in which bank non resident Indians residing outside India can deposit Rupees 500 and Rupees 1000 notes in their country of residence

  120. Why narendra modi is promoting Jio
    Is there any connection between mukesh ambani & narendra modi ,
    Someone saying mukesh ambani invested all black money on Jio networks
    Which means mukesh ambani knows everything abt banning of 500 & 1000 notes,
    That’s why he introduced Jio sims & lyf mobiles

  121. Dear sir I am Ravinder pal my problem is that, I am up resident person it ia m also leave in Gurgaon haryana and I made my document by haryanas sarkar… and mymy account open in haryana… ia m face that problem i have only .. 500 and 1000 rd notes i have no any type note how I can manage … Plwear solve my problem…. ia m indian person please help me sir

  122. This decision was taken as an active plan to fight two most important source of black and fraudulent money .Some body might have got rupee printing the holders of huge amount of black money cannot exchange such huge amount as they cannot show income proof.According to sources most fraudulent money come from Mukalmua in Assam where the Bangladeshi Bastis are situated.They might have the printing plate.

  123. As a foreign tourist to India for 25 years I have always taken home with me enough money to cover for taxis, food and drink on my first day back in India, in this instance I took 5000/- I also leave left over money from my last trip in a safe deposit box this time 12000/- rupees. I will not be back in India until mid January 2017 so through no fault of my own will I now loose 17000/- rupees ? A hefty sum of money in any currency.
    Surely this is not fair to me and the hundreds/thousands of other regular foreign visitors to India who like me like to be organised and prepared when traveling.

  124. India-Myanmar Boarder, Nanphlalong Market, the buyer are Indian, who sold in market are getting India Rupee Rs. 500 & 1000 Note, Per day market income Rs.(3.5/4.6)lakh for Myanmar, cost Myanmar people will not have Our Adhaar card, Pan card, Bank card, what decision will take for them?, PM Modi….. , if the don’t get 100% of there money, they will pay taxes in India and Myanmar with twice, otherwise they will death in business….What will be doing good for them,

  125. I wanted to know why modi Ji started a currency circulation of 2000 rupee note; which is a big denomination..if he really wanted to take a step to stop corruption he should have totally banned 500 and 1000 rupee note. And not have started big currency note..but I feel it would be easier for fake people and corruptionists to receive money and hiding it…or is there any other plan in modi Ji’s mind..plzzzz answer…

    1. a better decision was to just change the look of 500 and 1000 note, not to ban 1000 note and circulating 2000. it’s hard to get change of 1000, and will be almost the same for 2000 note for few days.

  126. A brave decision had been taken by Modi ji… …and people from all over India welcome this step…….carry on… Try to do less price for essential commodities

  127. u can deposit any amount if u have pan card but can exchange only 4000 per day…
    great and the best step taken my our respected PM. just save currencies below 100 for few days because u wouldn’t get change of newly received/exchanged 2000 note..

  128. Exchange in banks post office bullshit its not that easy for us labourers. No time to stand 4 or 5 hours to exchange cash. Want to Buy something with the 500 note but the shopkeepers demanded that items must not be below 200. Wtf.

  129. this is the best historic decission by our legendary prime minister Shri Narendra Modi.But one thing the central think tanks should formulate for the non entry of black money in to the main stream.The real task is very huge and people from all walk of life should welcome this decission and strenthen the hands of our beloved prime minister in this matter.and remain vigil

  130. — PM of India , Narender Modi , was in the air at about 9 PM on 8 November 2016 announcing that currency notes of rupees 500 and 1000 stood banned effective from midnight of the said date. Details of going about and conditions were also spelt out. The objectives of the move so declared are obvious and could likely have salutary effect on economy of the nation. In this regard , it may be relevant to let readers know this Vedic astrology writer’s prediction in article “ 2017 – an opportune year for India with some major worrisome concerns in February- March and August- September” under submission to a well known print-online news magazine for some days past from 9 November 2016. These yearly predictions , like those hitherto well –known for the present year 2016 published on 18 January 2016 and found meaningful , are intended to serve as an alert for the nation for strategies to deal with likely planetary influences from cosmos having potential to manifest in some scenario. Briefly speaking , the year seems to suggest , as the title of the article goes , certain opportunities for the nation followed by realization during April to July . Having said that , it does not mean that there are no opportunities or realization during remaining period of the year but the quantum seems to be not as much as in April- July. At the same time , as the title of the article further suggests , February- March and August- September look to be having potential to cause major worries but much depends on how prepared nation is to face or set off those impacts, meaning thereby that these predictions donot carry a character of certainty or determinism. Our doings or present acts known as ‘ karma’ also has a role in either diluting or reducing such planetary potential. Coming to the economy of the nation during the year , this is what has been said in the article under submission : – “ Economy may be straightened up to an extent”. So it seems one big step or measure of the Govt has come in that direction on the midnight of 8 November 2016 , on the eve of 2017.

  131. I want to say that if a person change its 500 and 1000 note , he/she want 100rupee note then it will be possible that there will be a shortage of 100rs note ?

  132. The good is that our country has got his respect back again our 1rupee is now 0.12rupee for other country which means the black which is kept in swizz bank is of no use as if they have been of no need and far as i know . Our countrys every common man was giving the tax in time then why didnt the rich people so modi thought that a total partiality was been done with poor people the richer are getting rich and poorer are getting poor which means total imbalance it was a time to bring the country on right track. A GRAND SALUTE TO OUR PM.

  133. Log sale pagal sarkare khabi kisi ki hui to logo ko pagal bna kr apna ghar bhar rahi he.logo ki mehnat ki kamai ko Kali kamai bolte he.apne note to truck me bhar bhar kr Naye bna liye is sarkar or unke sare currupt mantriyo ne.Amit shah,nitin ghadkari,Arun jaitly ye Sab ke Sab maha chor se koi kyo Nhi puchta tumhara haram ka paisa kaha sale sare chor he.duniya ko bewakoof bna kr razz kr rahe he.kaha gya AMBANI or ADANI ka kala Dhan.wo ram dev ek no ka chor.kaha gya uska kala Dhan.videsho me jo kala Dhan he wo in Sab choro ka he.isi liye to aya nhi .India me log apni mehnat se Kama kr Kha rahe in logo ne chor or Kali kamai bta mantriyo kr bacho ki shadi me inta kala Dhan se pucho kitno ko check kat kr payment ki in logo Sab B J P chor he.inhe pathar maro.inka boycott kro.nhi to ap Sab barbad ho jao ge.

  134. Some parties want to get stay order from Supreme Court on note ban (the hearing can happen on 15th of Nov). I don’t know how much it will effect black money, but I know that it will help stop terrorism. But these “Netas” want to stop so that they can take-out their black-money. Please let’s make sure we tell them that we stands with the “note-ban” and if any party wants stop this note-ban we can “boycott” them, we have boycotted china just for sake of India, India is growing forward and if anyone come in between we will boycott. Let give our bit for our country, we can’t fight like a soilder on border but we can make sure there is no stay on note-ban and also make sure policians know that if this will happen the paties supporting this will be boycotted (coz we will assume you have black money, that’s why you want to get a stay on this ban) I’m a common citizen of the country and I’m ready to struggle for next 50 days so that my country will progress (believe me on this I literery had Rs. 10 in my pocket in last couple of days, but this is a good decision, and I’ll give my countribution for betterment of my country.

  135. I have 80000/- cash but i don’t have pan card and aadhar card, so can i deposite it in the formate of 49000/- +31000/- so please tell me how many times can i do transaction. Urgent.

  136. Hello ..
    Myself Dev and I am also a businessman as well as as per situation of now you can call me Money Manage Guru.
    You can change your black Money into white very easily by connecting with me..

    so here I am giving you best deal of 8% and it will increase anytime depends on me and time.
    The minimum is 25Lac and maximum as much as you have to change/ur need.
    we will arrange exchange it in new 2000 & 500 NEW currency.
    welcome to all….

    Mr. PM done step stop terrorism funding {fake currency} , step 2. to stop black Money and recover .
    so, as he said these two most imp steps
    Friends No fear because after giving you New currency it’s totally my problem to manage and prove and converting the old 500&1000 notes.
    I think my every word is clear to you. thanks if u need full details…contact me .
    the plan is valid till 15 Dec.

  137. I was one of the thousands who thronged yesterday in front of a premier private bank of India for need of some money. There were only 2 counters opened for the needy. One for exchange of old 500/1000 and the other for withdrawal/deposit. I had to wait for almost 5 hours for my turn. I was losing my patience at that time, however right now what I want to convey the public is some other nerve racking news which made me more angry and disappointed than ever. while I was waiting in the line, one of the bank employee took our cheques and id cards for verification. At one point she got a call and was saying ‘Sir kitna black money rakhoge, bank mein jama kar do’. I was like may be she was cracking some jokes with some known friend. Next what I heard is ” 5 lakh hai na apke paas. koi baat nhi hum 2 account banwa denge bank mein. tension mat lo….(this is not the end). “Accha apke paas 30 lakh hai…to thoda mushkil hai sir…lekin aap tension mat lo. Hum sab sambhal lenge. main ati hun apke ghar evening ko set karadete hai aap bilkul tension mat lo…baat karte hai acche se”….SERIOUSLY…BANG…the last sentence made me mindf****d. I thought of recording the entire conversation but she was too cunning to cut the call. The common man is waiting for 6 hours just to get 4000 bucks and the so called rich man is fixing up his lakhs/crores just with a mere phone call…..HUH

    CONCLUSION:I m sure modi sarkar have made all the necessary calculation,legwork, studies and also planned the repurcussion for implementing this surgical modus operandi. However, people with black money will leave no stone unturned to make their assets pure white and wont even panic to go the world’s end if they think that will save their day.This is just another live example of how even the bank people (especially private banks) will try to make the most of this sudden operation.

    My earnest request to Modi govt is please investigate all the nook and corner and shortcomings of this modus operandi and make it a grand success. We the citizens of india promise to support this with all our heart and make INDIA a better and corruption free country in the world.

  138. ITHINK this was not a good decision, modi should think different action aganist it ,bcz people are keeping money today like dhan jan yojana 2lakh has diposited .they will withdrew tomorrow keep there money at home .does govt will changed it next year.

  139. Is there any rule kind of like that any person have to credit all money which he had to bank account in one transaction only ?
    He can’t credit remaining amount in any other bank account or same one in 2nd transaction?
    Is it true?

  140. mode’s policy may be good. what he says is just opposite on the ground. poor people having few 500 or 1000 note has to que long with unwanted formality to produce aadhar card and pan card to get exchange. most does not have the documents. besides what does black money has to do with their hard earned income. And most importantly the patients are suffering.
    why govt. has not well pre planed to release new 500 and 1000 note. why didn’t they print enough before.
    It has a very bad impact on the daily economy Is it a delebrate govt. plane to delay release of new cash.
    people are facing problem of change . Because bank release 2000 new notes only and not 500.
    Isn’t it a big mistake or miscalculation to release 200 new note rathen than 500 new not earlier.
    why mediate is not questioning government about the delaying release of 500 notes and 1000 notes. people blindly praise modi. black marketers are more smarter than government. They have prior information and how to manage. This is not new step . I remember it happened some where in 1978-80 when big 100 notes were scrapped during Congress and the black markers continued.
    When govt. knew why did not they raid the individual or rather take more stricter legal action. May be because legal procedure or code is very week and protected them.

  141. Sir, It is hunting of snake by burning of chicks house. Snakes escape any way but chicks not. Please find another way to punish known Snakes at least. l received a message from Andrea bank that no limit for changing of the notes by account. I don’t know meaning. The bank managers may help to black money holders. Again corruption may started.

  142. Money Loves Speed.

    So act quick.

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  143. What ever the PM of india is doing i accept, but can the government gives clarification on collecting black money for the rich people. What ever the decision taken by the modiji in past couple of days. But no one of black money holder is suffering but only common man and middle class people are suffering. I request modiji to collect the CC TV Recordings infrot of the banks in every state and watch how the people are suffering for exchange of money and change wasting of time from morning to evening. infront of banks. By issuing 2000 thousands rupees notes are better to common man. in previous days if common man should get 1000 rupees change is great but now they used to get 2000 how is it possible. So think any alternative for this problem.

    Why won’t you seize the siwes bank account of inidan who ever storing there amount out of countries.

    What ever you have taken a decision about big notes. that was making to suffer for common people only but not a black money holders who has black money with them so make solution for this to clear the problem world wide.

    govt is think about only the income are the taxes are any other which paying in advance but not think about in future by that how many problems will face.

  144. Thanks to our Prime Minister, this decision was only for black money but first of all change our LAW & POLITICS, we are having very useless rules. the one who can do wrong also have the step do another wrong thing.

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