Fake News Spreads RIP Amma Jayalalitha Dead/ Death Confirmed Today at 5:30 PM

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister was put on a heart pump (ECMO) as tweeted by the hospital. It means the situation was very grave which is why the hospital later asked for prayers and good wishes from followers for her. The party members were very hopeful for the Honourable CM’s recovery and kept all the negativity at bay till the last moment. But the increasing security and the politician’s visits made the picture clear to the layman. As the drama and fight over her successor begins, we wish the “Selvi” rests in peace.



Latest News Amma Jayalitha CM dead or alive? Live News

“She is being treated and monitored by a team of experts, including cardiologists, pulmonologist and critical care specialists,” said Dr Subbaiah Viswanathan of Apollo Hospital.

After a phone call from Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao has flown back to Chennai from Maharashtra which is also in his charge.

Senior ministers are converging at the hospital. Supporters of the Chief Minister were gathering outside to pray for her. The Press Trust of India reported that nine units of anti-riot police, each with about 100 members, are being prepped to flown into Tamil Nadu, if needed.


22 Sep fever and fluid in the body due to lack of Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Allow

J. 23 SEP16. Apollo, the first report to be weaker

24 sep16 – J. Told to normal eating cep16 Apollo 25 – J. None of that will go to Singapore for treatment, not to publish false news on Apollo asked.

29 sep16 CM’s condition is stable, he said, to cooperate in good times for treatment in Apollo.

2 Oct16 – London physician Richard J. piyel Apollo visited with doctors. Advice on treatment.

3 oct16 CM adjust sustained pandemic, given noykkolli drugs, respirator fit.

4 Oct16 CM’s condition has progressed, he continued to treat the information provided.

6 OCt16 – AIIMS and Apollo Hospital in London with the doctor to discuss the first treatment. Winter pirankaitis and chronic treatment of diabetes alikkappattuvaruvatakat information as is appropriate to

8 OCT16. Treatment to remove a blockage in the lung.

10 OCT16 – Physiotherapy treatment. AIIMS doctors to visit the Apollo again.

21 OCT16 intensive care unit doctors led by cardiologist, pulmonary disease, including infectious disease treatment, doctors continue to treat the report as the Apollo.

4 Dec16 principal problem in the evening but there was a sudden heartbeat doctors treating heart disease and lung disease outbreaks reported to the Apollo.

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  1. Yes it is true that CM jayalalitha has died but can let us know is she really dead? I am wondering because news channels are rolling back their RIP jayalalitha news!

  2. jayalalitha died or live let us know about her condition! Will be waiting for more news about regarding her death news!

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