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Are you also the fan of Hotstart? Do you want to learn to watch your favorite movies and shows on Hotstar? I am sharing a tutorial for you then which will help you to watch your favorite movies and shows on Hotstar app. And believe me, If you are not familiar with Hotstar yet then you will become one after reading this complete article. Nowadays almost everybody is fond movies and shows and almost everyone wants to watch their favorite movies easily.

In this internet complex world, finding your favorite movies or shows might be a difficult task and a user need to put a lot of efforts to approach their show or movie. And Hostar app helps you to find out your favorite movies or shows without putting much efforts and I am going to tell you how? Now before moving towards the body of this article let me talk in detail about Hotstar App, and for that, I have shared some awesome facts about Hotstar app which will help you yo better understand that What actually Hostar does?

Something About Hotstar App:

Hotstar App

Hotstar App is developed by Star India. This app let you watch your favorite movies, shows, and live sport events and that too without paying a single penny. Yes, you can watch your favorite shows, movies or sports for free.

Since you all know that Start India already own different channels. So they have included all the serials and shows which comes directly from their production house. Moreover, Star India has also right to broadcast the major sporting events like; ICC Cricket World Cup, English Premier League, ISL, Hockey India League, and many more. And all those events are available on Hotstar to approach any time and it is legal since Star India has right for it.

Mainly content on Hotstar is Hindi, but it also has some English content for international fans of Hotstar. Famous American shows like; Prison Break and Modern Family can be easily found Hotstar. It allows you to watch your favorite movies or shows online or offline.

In terms of design, it is quiet simple and easy to use app. The design has not been kept complex to confuse the users. Everything on app is self-explanatory and easily visible. You don’t need to put much efforts in order to understand the app and find out what you are looking for.

Hotstar App to Stream Movies, and Favorite Shows Online:

They upload videos on weekly basis. At the time you might not everything you are looking for but on every week all videos are updated. Some of the famous shoes have around 1500 episodes which can be watched. All shoes are available for download whereas movies are not due to copyright issues. In terms of sports, the library is quite limited and no any information is given on the occurring of live shoes.

There is a drawback with the app that it does not let you tweak the video settings of the app. It means you don’t have access to tweak the video settings of your show and adjust your settings as per your internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection then you might face difficulty while running the app and watching your favorite show.

There are different sports series which can be watched for free, but some are paid. You have to check whether the particular service is free or paid. Mostly, the main cricket events are free as they don’t want to hurt the cricket fans. So this is the plus point for cricket fans that they can watch their match for free.

There are many categories in which Hotstar has categorized the videos of shows, movies and sports are categorized like; Featured, TV Shows, Movies, Music and so on. It will definitely save your time of searching and scrapping.

The awesome thing about Hotstar app is that you don’t need to register in order download your favorite show from Hotstar which is definitely a plus point of this app. This was a small introduction to Hotstar app, I am sure you guys have found it helpful and worth reading and it would have helped you knowing everything about the app.

Watch your Favorite Movies or Shows on Hotstar App:

So now coming back to our main article, I am making you guys learn that how can you watch your favorite movies or shows on the Hotstar app.

Here you go;

First of all, you need to download the Hotstar app on your phone. It is available in Google Play Store and Apple app store. So you can easily get it on your iPhone or Android phone.

Ones it is downloaded then you need to launch the app.

Now here you will have a list of all featured shows, movies, and sports’ videos. You can tap on any video to play it. Or you can click on any category to see the uploaded videos of any particular category. If you could not find your favorite video to play then simply use their search bar to search for your favorite video or show.

Ones you found your video which you want to play then tap on it in order to start playing it.

Enjoy watching your favorite shows for free.


This was complete information which we have shared with you about Hotstar app. I am sure that you guys have already started watching your favorite movies or video shows. If you have any queries or confusion related to this article then do share it with us. We shall get back to you and assist you with your queries.

Moreover, if you have any good or bad experience with Hotstar app then do share it as well. Since your experience may help our readers to know about this app more clearly and we will have different feedbacks and issues which people are facing.

Have you found it helpful? If it was then don’t forget to share this article with others too. You may never know that your share may be proven helpful for many of the users out there, so keep sharing and keep helping.

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